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Arabic in modern society

prevod sa arapskog na srpski

Arabic language is spoken by nearly 200 million people today. In its origin, it belongs to an Afro-Asian language family. It is particularly important and studied in the Muslim world. Arabic is the official language of the great Muslim religion, as well as the official language of many countries.

The great impact of this language during the Medieval particularly stands out in the fields of mathematics, medicine, astronomy and philosophy. The specificity of the Arabic language are many dialects that are sometimes significantly different, which causes complete misunderstanding between speakers from remote areas (eg, Iraq and Tunisia). Today's literary Arabic is similar to old-Arab

The Quran is written in classical Arabic literature, and he had influence in spreading the Arabic language out of the Arabian Peninsula. Arab alphabet is world’s most common alphabet after the Latin. It is written from right to left side and it has 28 main characters. It has developed under the influence of the old Syrian and Nabataean language. No distinction is made between large and small, nor between written and printed letters, but the letters have different forms if they happen to be in the middle of words, at the beginning or at their end.

Interesting facts about…!

- Arabs are not considered as a specific race, but the population united under Arab language.

- Science that studies Arab language is called ‘arabistika’ in Serbian.

- Arab world consists of 22 countries.