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Bulgarian language and its specifics

prevod sa bugarskog na srpski

It belongs to south Slavic group of languages, with more than 9 million active speakers worldwide. It is very similar to Macedonian language, by grammar and phonetics.

It is believed that it has its origins spreading back to IX century. It was influenced by Greek language back then, as well as Church Slavonic later on. That was mostly because of the Orthodox religion, and the influence of Byzantium.

First grammar is defined in 19th century and in that period the ordinary people language managed to came up on top because poets used it, contrary to wishes of the Church to adopt traditional Church Slavic Bulgarian language.

Interesting facts about Bulgaria!

- It was the first country to bring Cyrillic letter to EU.

- There are 4000 explored caves in Bulgaria.

- Bulgarian army was the first to drop an air-bomb during First Balkan War.