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Chinese language, the language of a new era

prevod sa kineskog na srpski

Although Chinese is old language that has undergone many changes and influences, its important feature is that the wheels of time hasn’t changed written Chinese, and that’s one thing that we couldn’t say when it comes to the formal speech of Chinese language. Most historical records were written in classical Chinese language which differs from spoken Chinese. It’s the relation similar to the relation between Roman languages and Latin.

Main characteristic of Chinese alphabet is that it’s commonly used by speakers who speak different dialects of Chinese language. One character almost always has the same meaning, but one can pronounce it in several different ways.

The family which Chinese language belongs to is Sino-Tibetan, and it is estimated that every fifth man in the world speak a dialect of Chinese. However, these dialects are so diverse that sometimes speakers cannot understand at each other. Basic Chinese, i.e. Mandarin Chinese, is based on the Beijing dialect. Chinese is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

Interesting facts about China!

- Despite its size, whole China is in the same time zone.

- White color is used to represent the funerals in China.

- Chinese calendar is the oldest in the world, and originates from the 2600th BC