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English language and its characteristics

prevod sa engleskog na srpski

After Chinese, Spanish and Hindu, English is on the fourth place according to the number of speakers whose native language is the English language. It is estimated that 700 million people speak English.

In the public school systems, English is learned in over 100 countries worldwide. English has also taken the leading role in the international diplomatic and academic circles.

Because of its prevalence and significance in today’s society, the English language is a synonym for a global language. English is West Germanic language by its origin. Scandinavian languages and Norman languages that are variations of French have made a great influence on English. That influence is obvious even today.

Specific characteristic of English grammar is that nouns don’t have gender. English uses Latin alphabet and it has 26 letters.

Analysis of English dictionary and its comparison with dictionaries of other languages, leads us to some interesting details: similarity with German is 60%, with Latin 28% and with Greek 5%.

Interesting things that you may not have known about England!

- Although English is spoken throughout the world, 300 languages are in use in England.

- London is the biggest town in Europe with population of 12 million people.

- French was England’s official language for 300 years (from 1066 till 1362).