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prevod sa nemačkog na srpski

All kinds of translation from German to any other language
and from any other language to German

You are doing everything via e-mail! Contact us on: info@prevodservis.com

Why Prevod Servis?

We meet deadlines

You choose the best offer

You’re doing everything from your home via e-mail correspondence

Payments are done at the post office or in bank

Prevod Servis

Send us information about the text you want to be translated. We will forward this information to all of our associates. All offers we receive from our associates will be sent to your e-mail. Afterwards you decide whether some of these offers suit you, based on the price and translation deadline.

Also, you can send text to our e-mail as an attachment (word, PDF, jpg ...). Your text will be sent to all of our associates and their terms will be submitted to you.

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