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The German language, Europe’s language

prevod sa nemačkog na srpski

This is one of the biggest languages in the world. Estimated 13% of Europeans use German and it is also estimated that German is native language for 100 million people in the world. German is the widest spread and dominant language of EU.

Geographical territory of Germany has plenty of mountain regions and large forest areas and because of the isolation of its population, there were many dialects in the German language throughout history. The only thing that caused language unification was development of a culture and art as well as desire to bring those works of art closer to the population.

Translation of Martin Luther’s Bible had great influence on the development of the German language, because it was based on the Middle German dialect that was dominant then. Up until 19th century difference between written and spoken German was big. Today’s standard German was created as written language. German alphabet has 26 Latin letters, but it also has four additional characters from which three are vowels with umlaut and a special character ß. German has a lot of borrowed words from other related languages, especially from Latin, Greek and French.

Interesting details!

- One quarter of the Americans have German ancestry.

- Germany recycles 48% of its waste.

- 15 out of 81 million people in Germany do not have German ancestry, but they have passports of other countries and work temporary in Germany.