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Greek language, culture and tradition

prevod sa grčkog na srpski

First traces of Greek language we can find in XIV century BC in antique Cretan records. Greek alphabet is constituted in 8th century BC.

Today, it is believed that Greek is one of the richest languages, with more than 600.000 words. After Alexander the Great, Greek language continued to develop, and it is important to note that in the third century BC Greeks had Hebrew Bible translated. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Greek became the official language of Byzantium.

Grammar of Greek language follows the rules associated with Indo-European languages. That means that the nouns are changing through cases, and there are three different GENDERS in Greek. Greek language is differing from others by their use of synthetic passive. There is a difference between traditional and contemporary Greek. Traditional used to have 7 long and 5 short vocals. In a contemporary Greek, their number was reduced to 5 consonants.

Greek alphabet consists of 24 letters: Αα Ββ Γγ Δδ Εε Ζζ Ηη Θθ Ιι Κκ Λλ Μμ Νν Ξξ Οο Ππ Ρρ Σσς Ττ Υυ Φφ Χχ Ψψ Ωω

Things about Greece you may not know!

- The oldest plaything in the world, famous yo-yo, is originating from Greece.

- 16 million people per year visit Greece as tourists. That’s more than population of Greece.

- Percentage of population that knew how to write and read was only 30% back in 1950. Today, 97% of Greece population knows how to write and read