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Interesting facts about Hungarian language

prevod sa mađarskog na srpski

Characteristics that separate Hungarian from other languages is that it has large number of cases. Although some language experts disagree over the correct number, it is considered that there exists 18 cases.

Hungarian language belongs to Finn-Ugric group of languages. It is spoken in Hungary and near countries and it is considered that around 15 million people speak this language all over the world.

Hungarian there is no verb “to have” which makes it even harder for people to learn it and understand it. It is written in Latin letters but it is additionally adjusted and got some additional characters.

Distinctions of this language can be shown through the fact that:
- Nouns don’t have gender
- Order of words in sentence is arbitral and free
- Pronouns are usually left out

This is something you probably didn’t know!

- Hungary is on 6th place in the number of won Olympic gold medals.

- Hungary was created in year 896 and it is one of the oldest countries in Europe.

- Despite the beliefs, researches show that Hungarians have only 1% of genes from Asian nations.