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Origins and specifications of Japanese language

prevod sa japanskog na srpski

Japanese language or Nihongo is, except in Japan, spoken in certain areas of China and the Korean peninsula, and of course in other parts of the world where there are Japanese emigrants.

Japanese language originates from the territory of Korea and Manchuria. One thing’s for sure, the Japanese took the Chinese alphabet. The traces show that this has happened in the 5th century. Japanese script is developed in three letters, and each has its primary place and manner of use. Writing can be done in two directions.

Pronunciation has five vocals and the number of consonants is greater than in the Serbian language. Grammar of the Japanese language is defined by formula subject - object - predicate. It is known that the Indo-European languages have the structure of a sentence subject - predicate - object.

Japanese language has two tenses: present and past tense. The peculiarity of this language is the lack of gender and number of nouns. It is important to note that there are differences in the rules of speech depending on the position on the social scale of the speaker. Different forms of the verb are used when talking to a friend, parent or a stranger.

This you may not know!

- Japan consists of 6000 islands.

- In Japan, people drive on the left side of the road.

- Golden Retriever is the most popular pet in Japan.