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Features, characteristics and rules of Macedonian language

prevod sa makedonskog na srpski

This language belongs to the Slavic languages, a subgroup of South Slavic languages. Its specificity is that it has an article. The only language that has an article of all the other South Slavic languages is Bulgarian, but Macedonian is special because it has three articles.

Macedonian became official of August 1994. when Macedonian alphabet and spelling were approved. The disciples of Cyril and Methodius who were spreading their learning among Macedonians were Clement and Naum. Clement has formed its own alphabet, Kiriliku, or Cyrillic, which is still used in areas and countries of Eastern Orthodox faith.

Today, we can find as many as 29 different dialects of this language. They are all divided into groups so that the basic partition is made on the north, west and south-east dialect.

Couple of interesting facts!

- Macedonia has the same gross national income as Jamaica.

- Mother Teresa, the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, was born in Skopje

- Internet penetration in Macedonia is 44% of the total population.