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Romanian language and its evolution

prevod sa rumunskog na srpski

This is the most widely used east-Roman language with a population of nearly 24 million people who actively use it as their first language. Except in Romania, it's the official language in Moldova also.

Somewhere between seventh and 10th century all the dialects of Romanian united in a common Romanian language. It suffers a strong Byzantine influence, as well as influence of other Slavic languages. Among distinguished Roman languages, Romanian is similar to Italian and there is a mutual understanding between Romanian and Italian speakers. Currently, the lexical similarity of Romanian language with Italian is estimated at 77%, with French at 75%, Catalan at 73% and with Spanish at 71%.

Great similarity with the Latin is confirmed by the fact that only the Romanian language of all Roman languages has three tenses.

More about Romania!

- Half of Romanian population died during Second World War.

- The Danube Delta is the second largest delta in Europe.

- Romanian doctors were the first to observe and extricate nerve cells under a microscope