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Russian language, the richness of the written word

prevod sa ruskog na srpski

It is a Slavic language with the largest number of speakers, because the number exceeds 300 million. As a native, Russian language is used in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan as well as in the Ukrainian region of Crimea. Along with Ukrainian and Belarusian, Russian language forms a group of east Slavic languages. By the number of people speaking this language, Russian is 4th largest world’s language.

Russian is written in the Cyrillic letter, using 33 characters. Russian alphabet is derived from the Greek alphabet and the Glagolitic in the 10th century.

From the 17th century, Russian language begins its development, and its development concludes in the early nineteenth century, when the modern Russian is founded.

It is important to note that, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, many states carried out the so-called derussification, although it is known that most of these languages originated from the Russian language.

This you may not know about Russia!

- Russia has the largest number of seas surrounding its territory – 12!

- It’s in the first place for its production of natural gas in the world, serving the whole of Europe.

- St. Petersburg has 221 museums, 2000 libraries and over 80 theaters.