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Slovakian language | Occurrence and characteristics

prevod sa slovačkog na srpski

Slovakia has a population of five million people and if we add another one million people in the expatriate community to that number, we will get the number of six million speakers of Slovak language. The provincial government of Vojvodina declared Slovak the official language in its territory.

The origin of the Slovak language date back to Proto-Slavic and the first traces were recorded in the 10th century, although we couldn’t reliably confirm the existence of the Slovak language before the half of the nineteenth century. It is the when a literary character of this language was formed.

After the year of 1918. in Czechoslovakia, and later on from 1993, after the declaration of Slovakian independency, the Slovak literary language was given open opportunities for further development and use in social and cultural fields.

You might not know this!

- 90% of Slovaks have completed high school. According to that parameter, Slovakia is third in Europe.

- Slovak Stefan Branic was the first man in the world to do a parachute jump in 1913.

- Andy Warhol and Martina Hingis were born in Slovakia.