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Spanish is slowly conquering the world

prevod sa španskog na srpski

Spanish is 4th in the world in number of speakers with almost 352 million native speakers, while it is considered that around 420 million people speaks and understands it. The entire South America speaks Spanish. The thing which separates Spanish from other languages is constant growth rate and soon, it will overturn English by the number of speakers.

The language is formed from vulgar Latin with strong influences of Basque from the north and Arabian from the south of Iberian peninsula.

In its more modern form, Spanish first appears in 12th century when king Alfonso the Wise ordered to translate The Bible and some works form Astronomy on standard Spanish based on Castilian dialect. By the number countries in which Spanish is spoken, it is in the second place in the world (behind English). There are 24 countries in which there are over 2 million speakers of Spanish.

Interesting data!

- Total of 94% of population are Catholic

- Spain has 8000 km of beaches

- Spain produces a half of world’s olive oil