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Origins and characteristics of Swedish language

prevod sa švedskog na srpski

Swedish language is used by 9.3 million people. It appears as a separate language for the first time in the 8th century, and its originating from the group of Germanic languages. Precisely, it belongs to the subgroup of west German languages. This language is spoken by the residents of Sweden, Finland, Ukraine and Estonia, and as such it is one of the languages of the European Union.

The first book published in Swedish was in the 1495, so then we could clearly see difference between Swedish and Danish language.

This language is special because it has two genders (common and neutral gender). Also, what sets it apart is the fact that in the Swedish language there are only two cases - nominative and genitive.

In its origin, Swedish is an offspring of old Nordic language, especially of its eastern structure. During the Medieval, Swedish language referred to runic language. This is because it was written in runic script. Swedish alphabet contains 29 letters of which 26 are from Latin. There are three letters which are variations of the letters A and O.

Sweden through statistics!

- Sweden is the third largest in Europe, behind France and Spain.

- Swedes have the longest life-expectancy in Europe (81 years)

- Sweden has the most nuclear power plants in the world, per capita.