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Ukrainian language today

prevod sa arapskog na srpski

Ukrainian language has the largest number of speakers of all east Slavic languages, after Russian. There is up to sixty million people speaking Ukrainian. It is important at the beginning to show the fundamental difference between Russian and Ukrainian. Ukrainian language has a distinctive and clear Slavic pronunciation.

For Russian and Ukrainian speakers, it is very difficult to understand each other unless they have knowledge of the opposite language. In Ukraine itself there are three dialects and they are categorized according to geographic origin.

The language has preserved in spite of several periods in which he was officially banned by the Russian and Polish authorities. During this period language has preserved thanks to cultural tradition of the rural population. Ukrainian alphabet has 33 letters.

Ukraine as the world knows it!

- The geographical center of Europe is located in Ukraine.

- The Ukrainian language is, after Italian, the most melodic spoken language in the world.

- The heaviest silver coin was produced in Ukraine. It weighs 1kg